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Clipping Path Services at a Cheap Rate

Why do you use Professional Clipping Path Services?

The benefits of clipping path are that it allows you to manipulate the background of the subject of your image. This is especially helpful in creating white backgrounds for selling online. It can also help you display your subjects in various contextual settings, enabling you to add different backgrounds to create the scene for your photo.

When you need to remove the background from an image. This allows you to isolate and display products more prominently.

We know better than others, about the time value. As a Clipping Path Service Company, we serve outstanding quality service to our dedicated clients. That’s why we are becoming the world’s best Clipping Path Service and Photo Editing company day by day. We are promised our customers that we will give them world-quality Clipping Path Service with 100% accuracy and unlimited revision until the desired outcome.

Basic Clipping Path

Type of simple background and go for a solid object. Usually having a simple curtain or similar background. 

0.15$ /image|Order Now

Complex Clipping Path

Type is highly used for e-commerce sites and online retailers. Have fur or hair, lots of thin lines, and such complex objects & required in very narrow areas…

0.25$ /image|Order Now

Multiple Clipping Path

Type of clipping path, advance level methods are required. When an object while in multiple clipping paths several objects are selected.

1.00$ /image|Order Now

Image Background remove Services

Image background removal service has been an essential part of the e-commerce business and other retail businesses. Ecommerce businesses and manufacturers need to remove background from images to display their products on websites or other digital as well as print media.

Our editors are always ready to provide 100% hand-drawn Photoshop clipping path services to get white, transparent, or any custom background. Get image background removal services now at a low cost.
Three major functions are provided by the Background removal service?

  • Placing images in the perfect background & achieve a transparent background
  • Make edit for the whole image & draw attention to an object in the foreground
  • For getting out the undesirable things from an image
  • Want to remove image background, but automated tools clipping path doesn’t satisfy.
  • To comply with requirements of online marketplaces, such as Amazon and eBay
  • When the background is distracting or takes focus away from the subject of the image

Separate Simple Image

It’s quite normal that your nice photo can be ruined by the poor background. That’s where we help. Imagetrim’s experts give their creative touch to fix those backgrounds to give the best look to your images.

0.10$ /Item |Order Now

Change the background or Re-create

Often you need to change or recreate the background of an object or individual, our photo cutout service can make this type of image look real and stunning. We can artificially make the image look great and natural.

0.80$ /Item |Order Now

Image Masking Service

Image masking services are one of the best procedures to enhance the beauty of an image and make it pleasing to the viewer’s eye.

EffiTech Ltd is providing you with the perfect and professional Image masking service. Image Masking is an image processing operation where the background of photographs that have blurred edges or hair portions can be easily removed. Unlike clipping path or background removal, we can extract or detach an object from a picture using the image masking technique without destroying the image. Layer Mask ServiceObject Mask ServiceRefine Masking ServiceColor Masking Service. Layer masking is a common image editing process where the object or some part of it can be hidden or revealed or change the opacity of that part and so on.

2.00$-10$ | Order Now

Photo Retouching Service

Photo Retouching Services For Product, Jewelry, Portrait, Headshot, Wedding, Real Estate, Branding company & More

Photo retouching services have become common to photographers, studios, and even individuals. Photo retouching is the process of preparing an image to make it presentable. However, image retouching is separated into 2 portions which are Creative Retouching and Technical Retouching. Retouching images is a complicated task and should be done by professionals. Face & Portrait RetouchingGlamour RetouchingCommercial RetouchingPhoto Enhancement. Portraits by nature call for perfection, this perfection in most cases cannot be caught in a photograph and portrait retouching helps solve this. Some of the first details to be lost in a portrait involve color.

1.60$-8$ | Order Now

Ghost Mannequin & Neck Joint Service

Ghost mannequin or neck joint is a product image editing service. Commonly we apply this to the garments items like shirts, t-shirts, pants, sweaters, and other items. A photographer initially takes 2 or 3 views of a product photo with the mannequin or ghost, like front-back, or partial view. our specialists use the partial view of a photo to generate the neck division and make an absolute view as a real photo.
  • Garments Industry
  • E-commerce Business
  • Photo Editing Agency
  • Professional Photo Editor

1.50$-7$ | Order Now

Image Photography & Color Retouching

If you want to find out the defects of your photos, we highly recommend you to take our professional photo retouching services. Our experienced photo retouchers are able to retouch Headshots, portraits, Products, and Wedding/Event photos. Get your special price for bulk and regular order.
  • Personal Photo Editing
  • Commercial Photo Editing
  • Facebook Cover & Banner

1.70$-6$ | Order Now

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