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Who are we and why?

We are trying to be the best Web & Software Technology Services based company in Bangladesh. We have been working in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector of Bangladesh since 2016. EffiTech (Pvt.) Ltd works in several IT sectors with a skilled expert workforce. We possess the experience and expertise to help web entrepreneurs reach their customers across the digital space. We believe in minimizing the effort from the client and maximizing the value of services delivered. The Company has been promoted by some highly experienced Professionals dedicated to providing total IT solutions under one roof. We are providing not only the latest technology gadgets but also the most knowledgeable and experienced hands to offer the most user-friendly customized solutions. EffiTech (Pvt.) Ltd provides high-quality on-site services for web development and the end users on a broad range of web design  & development platforms and the latest technologies.

Our Dedicated Team has professional Web Designers & Developers, Application programmers, Digital marketers, and Graphics Designers. We specialize in e-commerce, Mobile Apps Development, Custom Website Design, Custom Software Development, best quality Digital Marketing Services, and more.

We believe to create imagination! Clients we futures to build a strong relationship with our clients by filling their requirements and goals to set an example among our competitors that we emphasized more customer building and commitment than creating strong vision statements.

Our Mission

EffiTech (Pvt.) Ltd is one of the Quality holder IT firms in Bangladesh. First of all, we are here to make things easy for you which are based on technology. To contribute to the overall development of our country by providing available IT services for the people we have gathered many qualified fields on our site. Our company develops distinctive web solutions which make your work more effective and effectiveness for your business and thus for your end-users. Last but not least We are here for you and we will be beside you with our hard full teamwork.

Our Vision

Our vision is to fulfill all the demands of our clients by our experts on time. We have a dream which never gives us a space to escape from it and the dream is- To make Bangladesh a world-class IT developed country. In near future, We can see a better systemic IT-related many scopes next to our door. That’s why we are here for you which we confirmed with you earlier. We know that dedication is one of the keys to success in every single work. Surely we have proper dedication and in the future, we will be able to full fill our dreams with your help. Thus we fulfill the needs of our local clients as well as the foreign clients. We are bound to create a foreign investment sector in IT industries in our country which will help the growth of our GDP.

EffiTech (Pvt.) Ltd works in several IT sectors with a skilled expert workforce. We possess the experience and expertise to help web entrepreneurs reach their customers across the digital space. We believe that hard work and honesty can do many effective things and with great team members, we have started working on it and prepared a perfect workforce for you.

Our young and experienced professionals are here to provide the utmost return on your investment in the shortest possible time with their talent and proficiency. You are welcome.

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